The true essence of good food is in its freshness. At Freshway, our primary objective is to pack our food keeping its taste, nutrition and freshness intact. We use internationally approved freeze-dry technology to make sure our food reaches every kitchen in its freshest form. Our products pass through stringent quality standards and microbial tests at every stage of freeze-drying. Our strict hygiene and housekeeping regime ensures that every product is packaged with utmost hygiene and minimal wastage, keeping intact its nutritional values.
Freeze-dry technology
An internationally approved food preservation technology, Freeze Drying retains the freshness of the food. Not only does it preserve the flavours, colour, and aroma of the food, it also keeps its nutritional values intact. The unique technology dehydrates frozen foods under a vacuum so the moisture content changes directly from a solid to a gaseous form without having to undergo the intermediate liquid state through sublimation. The flavours, shape, colour, size and consistency of the raw materials remain unchanged. The resulting open cell structures allow rapid re-absorption of water. The food tastes and looks as good as fresh when mixed with boiling water*.

*Cooking instructions on the back of the pack vary for every product
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